Babies are precious traveling companions, but sometimes trying to plan a trip when you have a little one can be a little daunting. Will there be appropriate accommodations? Are we going to run out of diapers, food, etc.? Did we remember to pack everything he or she needs? That’s why an RV makes the ideal mode of travel for anyone with a baby. While it isn’t as simple as slinging the baby over your shoulder and taking off on an adventure, traveling in an RV is like moving in a fully functional home. So with a little preparation, just about any RV destination can be a breeze.

Advantages of RVing with a Baby:

  • They don’t care about your itinerary. As long as the baby is safe and basic needs are met, you can still do most of the activities RVing-baby2_1you normally would enjoy.
  • They won’t complain about your choice of restaurant or the fact that you want to visit a history museum.
  • In an RV it’s easier to create a routine for the baby than vacationing in a hotel.
  • No bathroom stops while driving (for 5th wheel & travel trailers).
  • They sleep A LOT and with a baby monitor that allows you to enjoy some downtime in and around the RV.

A Few things to Consider:

  • You’ll have to be flexible and change diapers in odd places.
  • You’re at the mercy of their hunger; plan accordingly before you hit the road.
  • Babies rely on you for their safety. Common factors to consider while camping are temperature, sunscreen and bugs.
  • Babies can’t communicate health issues like adults can. It’s worth staying in areas with cell phone coverage in case of emergencies.

Babies are generally happy, entertaining, and ultimately they just want to be around you. So where you go RVing and where you stay is up to you. Below are a few ideal RV destinations for traveling with baby.


The Beach

Beaches (ocean, lakes, rivers) are a huge draw for the travel and RV industry for a good reason, they’re beautiful! You don’t have to park your RV at the beach to enjoy it. Pack a few essentials and you’re good to go out for a day trip to the beach. Remember sunscreen and some shade. Jogging strollers are fantastic to navigate around the sand.

The City

At first glance visiting a city might not be the secluded RV adventure you had in mind. But even if you don’t consider staying in a city an exciting adventure, you can park in the wilderness and take a day trip into the city.

Hiking Area

You can and should still explore with a baby. That doesn’t mean you should be doing strenuous hikes with the little one, but at least continue to see new and unique areas. There are countless scenic “baby friendly” hikes that are short and easy. For an easy and short hike, just do a few laps around the RV Park.

RV Resort

It’s tough not to beam from ear to ear when you’re splashing around in a heated pool with your baby. There are fantastic RV resorts that offer luxury experiences. From heated kid pools, train rides, to family movie nights, RV resorts can have some great opportunities for you and your family to enjoy time with the baby.

Friends and Family

People LOVE when babies come to visit. Take this opportunity to travel to visit friends and family to share the joy of the little one. Probably the most common way to go about this is Yamping (yard camping). This gives you the flexibility of spending time with your hosts but still giving them (and yourself) some space.

Great Food

It’s easy to become a foodie when you RV because you can enjoy a fantastic variety of food experiences. Pick up fresh food from farmer’s market and cook it up back in the RV. Or go out and enjoy quality local food. Babies love the activity and interaction they receive at restaurants.

Community Events

Many RV parks bring people together for social events that are excellent for the entire family including the little one. National board game conventions, potlucks & football parties to name a few. They’ve unified like-minded people with activities that even a baby can participate in (aka just sit there).


Family Bonding

If there is a place with special meaning to you and your family, bring the baby and enjoy some memorable family bonding time.

What a joy to be able to see so many incredible places with baby. Even though he or she won’t remember traveling at this age, you will. More importantly, when you travel as a family you create good habits and memories that can last a lifetime. Now that we’ve outlined some of our favorite reasons for heading to some of our baby travel destinations we’d like to hear from you.

Where do you enjoy traveling with your baby?


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