Camping Scavenger Hunt

A game such as a scavenger hunt is fun and easy for everyone to enjoy.  Here are some examples of items to hunt for:

  1. Something Straight
  2.  Something fuzzy
  3.  nature-scavenger-huntTwo pieces of man-made litter
  4. Something round
  5.  Two kinds of seeds
  6.  Two kinds of leaves
  7.  Something rough
  8.  Something smooth
  9.  Something that makes noise
  10.  A chewed on leaf
  11.  A beautiful rock
  12.  Something you think is beautiful
  13.  A pine cone
  14. Something green
  15.  Something you think is a treasure

You can change the types of items to look for based on your surroundings. If you’re a snowbird camping near a beach, you can look for items such as an unbroken shell, or a sand dollar.

Once everyone has finished scrounging around, gather together and share the hidden treasures you’ve all found. It’s a great way to get out and discover  the wonders of nature around you.



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