New Toys for the Toy Hauler

Electric Toys & Ride-ables

Is your toy hauler looking a little bare? Are you looking for a new thrill? With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular around the country, your new toy could be just an outlet away. These 2 electric vehicles are sure to bring some excitement to your next road trip.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero MotorcyclesZero Motorcycles are electric motorcycles that feature a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds, a 171 mile range in the city, and a top speed of around 95 mph, on certain models.

Each motorcycle is equipped with the revolutionary Z-Force™ electric power train and uses a specially designed aluminum frame to minimize weight. The electric engine technology offers instant torque for a smoother ride compared to tradition motorcycles.

Without a need for gas or routine power-train maintenance, Zero Motorcycles will save you money in the long run while giving you an enjoyable ride, every time.


Polaris Ranger RV Avalanche The electric Ranger ATV from Polaris boasts a 30HP/48V motor that provides the longest range in its class. It also features on-demand true AWD that maximizes traction when you need it most.

Whether riding through rough terrain or getting work done outside, the quiet ride of the electric RANGER EV can be experienced by all wherever life takes you.

The RANGER EV offers you full control of your ride with three different power modes to tackle any situation. These two new toys should fill your toy hauler with hours of enjoyment, while always being just a plug in away.

Lewis RV Toy Haulers

If you’re looking for the perfect toy hauler for these fun vehicles, let Lewis RV Center help you find your next trailer. Check out the Lewis RV Center toy hauler inventory to find a new trailer. Contact a sales representative today with any questions. We’ll be happy to help you.


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