Tire Repair Or Replacement

Even the most cautious drivers can accidentally drive over a nail, screw or glass. If a tire loses all or most of its air pressure, you should take your vehicle to a Camping World Service Center. Punctures don’t just affect the
surface of the tire, they affect the inside as well. That’s why only trained technicians using industry-approved methods and materials should inspect and repair, or replace a tire.


Mixing Tire Types
When you mix tires of different constructions, sizes and stage of treadwear, it can affect handling and performance. Goodyear recommends using the same size and type of tire on the same axle.

Wheels And Ratings
It’s important that tire and wheel ratings are compatible. For example, a tire rated at 3,000 pounds should never be mounted on a wheel rated at 2,000 pounds. Your Camping World Service Center can help you match tires and wheels for enhanced protection and performance.

Outdoor Recreational Vehicle Furniture

outdoor furnituire.JPG

Don’t forget outdoor recreational furniture when you’re stocking your RV for your first trip. Many RVers spend as much time outdoors relaxing as they do inside their RV, and you’ll need comfortable and durable outdoor recreational vehicle furniture if you want to be relaxed and in style outdoors. You can find a variety of comfortable and fun styles as well as a range of colors of outdoor recreational furniture.

As you shop for outdoor recreational furniture, you’ll find that your choices aren’t just limited to plastic chairs and tables. You’ll discover outdoor recliners, folding picnic sets, adjustable height tables, grill tables, and much more. Since you spend so much time outdoors when you travel in your RV, it pays to shop for the most comfortable and versatile outdoor recreational vehicle furniture you can find.

RV Replacement Furniture

If you’re searching for RV replacement furniture, you may be able to find surplus furniture online, or you might find it at local dealers who are closing out discontinued lines or old RV parts and replacements. Some RV furniture manufacturers put their surplus furniture online at deeply discounted prices, so you can save quite a bit of money if you shop around.

When you purchase RV replacement furniture, check with the seller to find out if the purchase price includes installation of the new RV replacement furniture and removal of the old furniture. If you’re purchasing a big piece of RV replacement furniture, such as a mattress or sofa, take time beforehand to make measurements to make sure it will fit in the door of your RV. Many items of RV replacement furniture are so large that you have to take out a window or the windshield in order to get them inside the RV.

New Toys for the Toy Hauler

Electric Toys & Ride-ables

Is your toy hauler looking a little bare? Are you looking for a new thrill? With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular around the country, your new toy could be just an outlet away. These 2 electric vehicles are sure to bring some excitement to your next road trip.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero MotorcyclesZero Motorcycles are electric motorcycles that feature a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds, a 171 mile range in the city, and a top speed of around 95 mph, on certain models.

Each motorcycle is equipped with the revolutionary Z-Force™ electric power train and uses a specially designed aluminum frame to minimize weight. The electric engine technology offers instant torque for a smoother ride compared to tradition motorcycles.

Without a need for gas or routine power-train maintenance, Zero Motorcycles will save you money in the long run while giving you an enjoyable ride, every time.


Polaris Ranger RV Avalanche The electric Ranger ATV from Polaris boasts a 30HP/48V motor that provides the longest range in its class. It also features on-demand true AWD that maximizes traction when you need it most.

Whether riding through rough terrain or getting work done outside, the quiet ride of the electric RANGER EV can be experienced by all wherever life takes you.

The RANGER EV offers you full control of your ride with three different power modes to tackle any situation. These two new toys should fill your toy hauler with hours of enjoyment, while always being just a plug in away.

Lewis RV Toy Haulers

If you’re looking for the perfect toy hauler for these fun vehicles, let Lewis RV Center help you find your next trailer. Check out the Lewis RV Center toy hauler inventory to find a new trailer. Contact a sales representative today with any questions. We’ll be happy to help you.

Why We Love ATVS & UTVS


I’ve been riding ATVs, since I was a young kid, and I have to say they are  just as fun now as they were back then. I can’t tell you how many times I managed to get mine stuck in the mud and had to have my brother come help me get it out. As I’ve gotten older, ATVs have served more as a powerful tool, than just a toy. While they will always be fun to ride, there is much more an ATV & UTV can do. Below I have compiled a list of some of my favorite ways to get your money out of that powerful machine.


It’s common sense that some of the best hunting spots are a long way from where people generally live. An ATV or UTV allows you to reach terrains and wooded areas that you just wouldn’t be able to get to all by yourself. Especially if you are lugging around gear. Now days you can even put a small heater in a UTV to keep you warm when you are out there at 4 in the morning. There is a reason that field and stream magazine have a whole section on ATVs and how to use them properly for hunting, they make hunting a lot more fun.

2.) Making Heavy Work Easy

Whether you live on a ranch or just have a decent size property an ATV/UTV can come in handy. It saves your back a lot of work of manual labor. Saves the legs a lot of miles of walking. A lot of the manual labor that you are doing could be made a lot easier with an ATV/UTV. Here are just a few ideas: ATV seed spreader, weed spot sprayer, tool holders, ATV trailer (for hauling absolutely anything), and many more.

3.) Hitting the Trails

For many riding in the back country is the only reason they have an ATV. For them it means riding hard and riding fast. It means rock crawling and hill climbing. It means out in the middle of nowhere just you and your ATV. However, others just love to ride leisurely in the back country and enjoy the outdoors. Whatever you style is there is something to be said for the great experience of back country trails in an ATV/UTV.

4.) Snow Plow

Now this is the real money maker, and granted it doesn’t apply to everyone, but when winter comes around, people will ATVs/UTV become the most popular person on the block. Buy a snow plow and you will make your money back tenfold. Some advantages that come to mind: makes snow removal fun, much easier on the back, makes it quicker,
and finally (most importantly) it gives you a good opportunity to fire up your quad every once in awhile.

A quick side note, toy haulers add a whole new dimension to ATV/UTVS. They open a gateway of possibilities for hitting the trails and hunting. Now you can do it anywhere in the country and still have place to sleep at night. The sale of toy haulers is on the rise with more and more people acquiring new recreational “toys” that they want to take along on their travels. Lucky for you, outdoor activities are never-ending in Texas. Here are a couple ideas of where you can use your favorite recreational “toys” in the Lone Star State.

Lewis RV

Lewis RV Center is proud to carry ATVS & UTVS manufactured by the Hisun Motor Corporation. They might not be the most familiar name in powersports, but there’s a good chance you’ve already enjoyed one of our many UTV’s or ATV’s. Hisun Motors Corp USA consistently ranks among the largest providers of UTV’s in the United States and Canada year after year. They make quality products that work hard and last even longer. We stand by their products and you should too.

Visit us at Lewis RV Center in Oklahoma. Check out our line of new and used toy haulers and be sure to check out our line of Hinsun ATVS and UTVS  that are sure to meet your recreational needs. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and will be able to help you select the RV of your dreams. Stop by today!

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